Gospel Music Lesson of Week – Contemporary Chord Progression in the Key of Eb


This weeks gospel music lesson is on a contemporary chord progression in the key of Eb that can be used for background talking music or simply music to add to the chords and progressions that you already know. Enjoy the lesson and please share with a friend!

For more, this Gospel Music Lesson is about incorporating jazz licks.



  1. Thanks for this lesson. I’m working on updating my piano technique and it really helped. Kenny, I’ve been a customer and a subscriber for about three or four years. Do you have products for bass players, especially contemporary bass progressions?

    • Hello Afi,

      We have a video called “Gospel Bass For Beginners” it has many different subjects of instruction that I believe are very helpful in playing gospel music.
      Thanks Afi,

  2. Dude this is AWESOMENESS!!!!

  3. Brigit says:

    beautiful…..thank you for sharing such wonderful lessons

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